9 mistakes to avoid on your road as a successful property investor

Property investing may be simple, but it’s not easy. And that’s not a play on words.

When you look at the statistics and see that most investors never get past their second property, you realise that most who get into real estate won’t achieve the financial freedom they were looking for.
While it’s possible to make good money in property, it will be more of an uphill battle in the current slow real estate markets. However, avoiding some classic mistakes will help keep you on the right track.

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Why your Investment Property Could Thrive from a second GFC

Debt, Recession Global Financial Crisis (GFC). These are terms we hear a lot lately. But if you look back at property in times gone by, an economic slump around the world could potentially be a good thing for your investment property.

This is because historically, financial crises have sent investors scurrying to the relative safety of housing, which is nowhere near as volatile as other forms of investment such as shares and the like.

Another trend that tends to occur during such times, where countries find themselves in financial crisis, is that people leave in favour of greener pastures. Therefore, if the situation deteriorates in Europe, as it looks to be doing, Australia might find itself, once again welcoming a new wave of European migration. While the US have commenced printing more money to inflate itself out of debt, the countries in the European Union don’t have this option.  The thousands of disgruntled Spaniards, Irish, Portuguese, Italians and Greeks may seek their fortunes here, in Australia as we are protected from the European economy  because of our reliance on Asia.

This influx of migrants will in turn generate economic growth and the housing market will boom for investors in the areas where they choose to settle –  just as our history shows. Capital cities would be the best affected by this, but they could also find employment and migrate to our regional areas.

How to Snare a Bargain Property

WEAKNESS in the real estate market has reduced property prices, but finding a bargain still requires research and a businesslike approach by investors.

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A low price doesn’t automatically mean it’s a bargain, as other prices in the market may also be lower, but experts say there are several strategies to help buyers get a good deal.

“Keep an eye on properties on the market because generally speaking, the longer a property languishes on the market the keener the vendor is to sell,” says university lecturer, author and property investor Peter Koulizos.

Investors and other buyers should be constantly monitoring the houses they are interested in, he says.

“When you start to see the price fall, that’s an opportunity to get in,” he says. “If they have already succumbed to the fact they have to bring the price down, now it’s just a matter of how far down.”
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